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PP compression fittings
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PP End Cap
PP End Cap
PP End Cap
PP End Cap
PP End Cap
  • PP End Cap
  • PP End Cap
  • PP End Cap
  • PP End Cap

PP End Cap

Size : DN20mm - 110mm
Pressure Rating : PN16 bars for 20-63mm, PN10 bars for 75-110mm
Raw Materials : High quality PP-B raw material
Certification : ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, CE, BS EN 12001
Type : Tee, Elbow, Coupling, Reducer, End Cap, Flange Adaptor
PP compression fittings:
The PP compression fitting is a pipe fitting that is mechanically attached. To ensure a perfect hydraulic seal in a pressurized dispensing structure, PP compression fittings require physical forces to form a seal or create alignment. Unlike traditional hot melt for HDPE pipes, PP compression accessories offer a quick, simple and simple new installation method.
PP compression fittings are widely used for water supply and irrigation. PH Plastic Group PP compression joints are manufactured in accordance with EN 712/713/715/911; ISO 3501/3503/3458/3459. The fittings can be mounted on HDPE pipes in accordance with ISO 11922; DIN 8072/8074; UNE 53131. Threaded versions are manufactured in accordance with ISO 7 and DIN 2999.

Application areas of PP Compression Fittings:
  1. The field of water supply pipes in the building. Including hot and cold water for domestic use and hot water for heating.
  2. Drainage pipe field in the building. Mainly PVC construction drainage pipes, as well as a small amount of Pt and PP pipes.
  3. Outdoor water supply pipe field. Including urban and rural water supply pipes.
  4. Buried drainage pipe field. Including urban and rural sewage pipes, rainwater drainage pipes, industrial sewage pipes, etc.
  5. Gas pipe field. Mainly used in urban gas transmission and distribution pipeline network.
  6. Jacketing tube field. Including various sheaths for power and communication cables and optical cables.
  7. Industrial field. Including pipelines that transport liquids and gases during industrial production.
  8. The agricultural sector. Including various pipes for irrigation.



Part Name





High quality polypropylene black co-polymer (PP-B)



Clinching Ring

POM resin



Blocking Bush

High quality polypropylene black co-polymer (PP-B)



“O” Ring Gasket

NBR rubber




High quality polypropylene black co-polymer (PP-B)



Puhui Plastic Group supplies PP compression fittings of various sizes from DN20mm to DN110mm.
PP compression fittings include: PP compression flange, PP compression steel, PP compression reducer, PP compression ball valve, PP compression direct, PP compression elbow 45 degrees, PP compression elbow 90 degrees, PP Compression male elbow, PP Clamp Saddle, PP Compression female elbow, PP Compression male tee, PP Compression Female Tee PP Compression Reducing Coupling and so on. Can be customized according to requirements, our PP compression parts are made of high quality PP-B, mainly used in HDPE water, oil and gas pipeline systems.

PP compression fittings are fully compliant with EN 712/713/715/911; ISO 3501/3503/3458/3459.

Puhui Plastic Group PP compression fittings are designed to withstand PN16 bars at 20 °C. as follows:

      Working pressure is 20 ° C:



Puhui PP compression fittings

PP is polypropylene, a thermoplastic resin made by polymerization of propylene.
Advantages of PP Compression Fittings:
  1. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-scaling, in line with QB1929-93 water supply standard and HG20539-92 standard.
  2. High temperature resistance, the highest water temperature in pipeline can reach 90-100℃.
  3. Light weight, easy to install, transport and connect, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of construction.
  4. Corrosion resistance, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of ions in water or chemical substances on the inside and outside of the pipeline.
  5. The thermal conductivity is very low, so it has good thermal insulation performance. When used in the hot water system, there is no need to add thermal insulation materials.
  6. The resistance of the inner wall of the pipe fitting is very small and will not cause obvious obstruction to the flow of the medium, so the energy consumption is very low when in use
  7. The product has soft colors and various colors, which can meet the needs of various occasions.
  8. The hot-melt connection method can be used to connect the pipes and fittings as a whole, so that the connection of the pipes will be very firm, and it is not easy to leak water at the connection.

1:Can the products be customized?
Yes, We can produce products according to your detailed requirements. Size and Color
2:How is your after-sales service?
We have a professional technical service team and look forward to keeping in touch.
3:What are the standards for Puhui pipes and fittings?
We produce HDPE pipes and fittings in strict accordance with the domestic GB / T 13663 standard. Puhui HDPE pipes and fittings are fully compliant with ISO4427, EN12201, AS NZS 4129/4130 standard and UL/CE/ISO/WRAS/NSF/SAA/CNAS certification.
4:What is the warranty time for Puhui pipes and fittings?
Due to the use of 100% original raw materials, we guarantee that all pipes and fittings delivered to our customers comply with the ISO4427 standard or other relevant international standards. For all HDPE pipes, HDPE pipe fittings, we can provide 20 years of warranty for normal use.
5:What is the raw material brand you use?
Puhui only uses high quality PE80 or PE100 raw materials from world-renowned suppliers. The raw material suppliers we usually use are: Sinopec, Borealis and so on.
6:Do you provide samples?
Yes,we do.And then you need pay the cost of goods and shipping.
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