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How to identify whether HDPE pipe is new material - Step By Step Guide
2021-08-27 10:41:04
The full name of HDPE pipe is high density polyethylene pipe, or PE pipe for short. Nowadays, the pipe market is mixed with many manufacturers and distributors. How to judge whether the pipe provided by the supplier is new materials or mixed materials?

1. Watch the mark on the wall
The country has strict requirements on pipe wall typing standards for new drinking water PE pipes. The general situation is: company name, trademark, HDPE clean drinking water pipe, source of raw materials, model wall thickness and pressure, new national standard: GB/T13663. 2-2018, passed ISO quality management system certification, sanitation license number, insurance company name, and production date.
For ordinary pipes, the typing standard is very simple, the company name, trademark, model, wall thickness, length, pressure, production date, and some companies will add an implementation number written by the company.

2. Smell
The new PE pipe has no smell. But if the tube is mixed with some recycled materials or other things, there will definitely be some smell, this can be smelled with the nose!

3. Touch by hand
The outer and inner walls of the new material are very smooth. However, if the pipe is mixed with some recycled materials or other things, it will feel very rough and there will be some particles on the inner wall.

4. Look at the color
Everyone knows that PE pipes are generally black, but black is different. The black outer wall of the new material PE pipe is a bit like a black leather shoe that has just been polished with oil. The outer wall of the ordinary material is dark black, grayish, and there is no sense of oiliness on the surface.
5. Credentials
Ask the seller whether they have the "Quality Inspection Report", "Drinking Water Hygiene Permit" and other documents, if so, ask to send an electronic version or a copy.

Measure its outer diameter, wall thickness, and weight of the whole piece, and compare it with the value on a professional PE meter weight table. If you have the conditions, you can send it to the quality supervisor for professional quality inspection.
In short, there are many ways to identify whether PE pipe is new material, but the most important thing is to trust the brand and professional customer service. Puhui HDPE Pipeline uses raw materials of pure 100-grade genuine brand new materials, and uses color masterbatch as food-grade color masterbatch, and promises to all customers:
1. Do not add a pellet of recycled material.
2. Do not add a new sub-brand material.
3. Use food-grade color masterbatch and sanitary indicator package for testing.

Puhui HDPE Plastic pipe
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