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HDPE gas pipe product features
2021-07-01 16:57:14
Can HDPE pipes be used as gas pipes? The answer is yes.
Puhui HDPE gas pipe is made of high-quality raw material PE100 resin, which is widely used in various large, medium and small gas projects. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Corrosion resistance
Polyethylene is an inert material, except for a few strong oxidants, it can withstand the erosion of a variety of chemical media. No electrochemical corrosion, no anti-corrosion layer, no need to worry about gas corrosion leakage.

2. Sealing performance
PE gas pipeline mainly adopts welding connection (hot-melt connection or electro-fusion connection), which realizes the integration of joint and pipe. The tensile strength and blasting strength of the interface are higher than the pipe body, ensuring the safety of the entire pipeline system.

3. Resistance to cracking
The PE gas pipeline adopts imported raw materials and has been tested by international organizations and has the ability to withstand environmental stress cracking.

4. Flexibility
The elongation at break of the PE gas pipeline generally exceeds 500%, and it has a very strong adaptability to the uneven settlement of the pipe foundation. It is a pipeline with excellent seismic performance.

5. Scratch resistance
Scratches can easily cause stress concentration in the pipeline and cause damage to the pipeline. PE gas pipeline has excellent scratch resistance.

6. Flexibility
PE pipes can be easily made into coils and supplied in longer lengths to save various connecting pipes.

Puhui HDPE natural gas pipe
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