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Puhui HDPE drainage pipe introduction
2021-06-10 10:19:21

Introduction to hdpe drainage pipe

The main material that composes the hdpe drain pipe is high-density polyethylene resin. The process used in its production is an extrusion molding process. It requires no internal pressure when it is made. It is a thermoplastic round pipe. The emergence of hdpe drainage pipes replaced the original traditional steel pipes and polychlorinated water pipes. Its main task is to discharge rainwater, sewage, irrigation and drainage of farmland and so on. It is widely used in roads, subway projects, tunnels, sports fields, etc. It is also used in underground irrigation and drainage systems in agriculture and horticulture.
Puhui HDPE drainage pipe and fittings

The performance characteristics of hdpe drainage pipe

1. Drainage safety. Hdpe fully considers many factors in its design to improve its performance. When in use, its orifice is placed in the trough of the wave. Under the dual action of the wave peak and the filter fabric, this kind of pipe is not so easy to be blocked when in use, which ensures the smoothness of the drainage system and improves the safety of use. Sex.
2. The strength and flexibility are organically combined. The drainage pipe is designed with a double corrugated structure, which effectively improves the product’s ability to withstand external pressure. The drainage system will not deform even under strong external pressure, which effectively guarantees The normal operation of the drainage system.
3. Corrosion resistance. The raw material of the drainage pipe is plastic (high-density polyethylene). Compared with the conventional soft spring drainage pipe, the corrosion resistance of plastic is greatly improved.
4. Economical. In the market, the price of this type of drainage pipe is lower than that of other drainage pipes of the same caliber, which makes it more economical to purchase this type of drainage pipe.
Puhui HDPE HDPE drainage pipe application

Use of hdpe drainage pipe

It is used for the horizontal and vertical drainage and permeation of the highway on the expressway.
It is directly used for drainage in tunnels and underpasses to ensure that the road is unobstructed without stagnant water.
Drainage from water purification plants, sewage plants, garbage dumps, sports grounds, parks, etc., where drainage is needed.
This pipeline is needed to maintain the water and soil on the slope when developing the hillside.

Puhui is a manufacturer and supplier of HDPE pipes, offering the widest selection of high-density polyethylene pipes and fittings in different size ranges. Puhui HDPE pipes have obtained multiple certifications, such as UL/SAA/CE/ISO/WRAS, etc.
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